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Room Transmitter RT-2 (Indoor Pet Containment or Avoid Area Solutions)

Room Transmitter RT-2 (Indoor Pet Containment or Avoid Area Solutions)

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The RT-2 Room Transmitter features a 10-foot cord and radiates a 360° signal up to 6 feet from the transmitter, creating a wireless fence you can use anywhere in your home. This makes it easy to relocate the transmitter (and wireless fence!) so you can train your pets on which rooms and areas of the house you want them to either avoid or be confined to. As they learn the desired behavior for one part of your home, simply move the transmitter to the next training area! Compatible with all Dog Guard Receivers/Collars. Comes with AC Adapter.

  • Restricting your pets to certain rooms of your home or apartment
  • Keeping pets off of your furniture
  • Keeping nosey pets from jumping or taking things off the counters
  • Preventing your pets from getting into the trash or potentially harmful areas
  • Keep pets away from your Christmas tree
  • Prevent pets from going up or down stairways

A Dog Guard Receiver/Collar is required and sold separately.

Please contact the office if you'd like to set an appointment for us to set the Room Transmitter up for you. An additional charge may apply.

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