Dog Guard of Ohio Training Timeline & Video

Training Timeline

Introduction & Beep Training:

Introducing your pup to the boundary line & flags without any static correction happening on day of install. Can happen over a period of a couple weeks if your pup is brand new or new to you.

Correction Training:
Holding on to your dog’s training leash and giving them enough leash to reach the boundary flags and take a static correction for 3-4 days. (If they choose to go that far.) No dragging them into it or calling them across! Try to shake flags after a correction to associate the the boundary flag. We recommend boundary walking 2x a day.

Drop Leash Training:
On day 3 or 4 you should be comfortable enough to drop your dog’s training leash. The leash is still attached to them, but they are just dragging it around behind them for a couple days. This step helps you and your dog build confidence in not being tethered to each other.

Off Leash Testing:
You’re almost there! By now your dog has been using their fence for about a week. You’ve dropped their leash and may be ready to let them completely off leash. Utilize the “exciting” test your trainer recommended to continue to build that confidence.

Enjoy the Freedom:
Make sure lots of fun things are happening in your pup’s yard so they want to actively use it. Feed them out there, play with them, etc. Spend as much time in the yard with them that you can during their first few weeks on the fence to make sure they’re comfortable.


Training Tips!

1. The collar should be comfortable enough to wear all day. It does need to come off EVERY NIGHT to give their neck a break and prevent any discomfort.

2. Be sure to check the tightness of the collar in the morning. Only two fingers should fit under the back buckle. If the metal probes aren’t touching their neck firmly, they won’t feel any correction.

3. To prevent battery drain, please do not store the collar on anything metal or electronic.

4. Do not leave the yard (for a walk) during the initial training week. Please employ a routine when introducing the dog on how to leave the boundary. Reach out to us about routines if you need a refresher!

5. Anytime your dog is leaving the property via walking or in a vehicle, their collar needs to be taken OFF!

6. Don't allow your pet to hide out inside. A lot of the after training feels more like yard acclimation. They need to know that they are safe in their yard and if they hide inside all day or on the patio they may not try to explore the yard. It is important for you to try to make the yard fun and safe still. EXTRA POTTY BREAKS incase they’re too nervous to alert you.

7. If your dog crosses over the boundary line and is refusing to come back in, KEEP THEIR COLLAR ON and drag them back into their safe zone. This should cause them to have a bigger reaction and correct the issue. They get one "get out of jail free card"- if it has happened multiple times, please reach out to us IMMEDIATLEY so we can help remedy the issue.

8. If they are afraid, you can feed them in the yard to help them understand where they are safe. You can also put them on a leash and walk them out into the yard, get down on the ground and pet them, praise them and release them. Repeat as necessary.

9. After 3 weeks, pull every other flag out. Wait one more week and then pull out every other flag again. Repeat this process the following week. It is important not to take them all out at once or the dog may think you removed the fence. This is a 6-week process, please do not rush it!

10. Please call us if you’d like us to do a wire locate when doing future aeration and landscaping in your yard. We are also available for repairs, troubleshooting and future trainings! Batteries & replacement accessories can be found on our website.


Visit our Dog Guard of Ohio YouTube Channel for helpful training and dog fence videos!
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